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Great school photography....

Photography is a wonderful way to capture your child’s school years. Unfortunately, most school photographers only have a minute or so to record it for you. Their technique is left wanting, as is the quality of subject lighting. No time is spent getting the child to relax for that memorable expression. You are then often given a set of substandard images that you know are not the true reflection of your child’s character. You end up thinking that something is better than nothing and you pay what’s due.

We do things differently. We spend time with your child in our studio, getting everything just right for the perfect image. We don’t charge a sitting fee, or an image retouching fee to remove that scratch or spot. There is no obligation to purchase a single print, however we are sure that you will; especially since we charge less than your school photographer charges but for a much higher quality finished product!

Thank you for the fantastic photos that you took of my two children, they are so much better than their school photographs and I couldn’t believe the prices you charge. I always thought quality studio photography was really expensive, but you are cheaper than the school!. I will definitely arrange to come again next year.

Magical themed nursery photography....

We also do seasonal themed nursery and studio photography at no additional charge. If you’re a pre-school, parents and toddlers group, or nursery and want fantastic themed or plain background photography, at a location of your choice, then look no further. We are fully trained in handling small people, with a huge amount of patience and understanding of their needs. Well above average commission can be earned for your organisation. All our staff are accredited with child friendly DBS checks for your peace of mind.