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I don’t like my photo taken....

Matthew really understands how awkward you can feel in front of the camera and he uses this to his advantage. He explains, “When I first started in the industry, over 30 years ago, I used to be a bit shy and self conscious . Instead of seeing this as a weakness, I’ve grown to appreciate it as strength. Because I know what it is like to feel awkward and nervous, I can connect with the people in front of the camera”.

Photographers are just like you....

Matthew Uffindell is skilled in balancing tradition with a fresh and modern style. He says, “I love weddings because they give couples a chance to express their personalities, bringing in traditions and themes that are meaningful to them. When couples do this, rather than just choosing the latest wedding trend, it really emphasises the meaning of the day.” Matthew does the same when photographing your wedding. He'll get the fun, unscripted reportage photographs that you want but he'll also make sure your Mum gets all the classic pictures that she wants too.

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So what, exactly, does Matthew do to make sure that you get really great photographs from your wedding? Quite a lot, actually! Matthew explains:

“Weddings are filled with amazing moments that create wonderful images, but if the lighting doesn't work, the photograph will not reach its full potential. I feel confident that I can walk into any venue and illuminate it to create dynamic light that enhances emotion in the pictures. Preparation is crucial, so I always scout venues before the wedding, it helps to find the best places for the romantic and group photographs, visualising where the best light will be and the best compositions can be made. I take the time to introducing myself to the wedding coordinator, this can result in access to visually wonderful areas which are often left unseen by many photographers.

I also take a great deal of time to learn about the couple, and what specifically has meaning at their wedding. I often see other photographers sending out questionnaires a few weeks before the wedding but I always set up a meeting. I feel that it is very important to relate to the couple as individuals so that I don’t overlook anything at the wedding.

Finally, I find it a great honour to be able to share this special celebration with them. My challenge is to capture this bond between two people and tell the full story of their special day”.